What will be caused when injection mold testing in many times?

  1. The design of the injection mold was not fully collectively reviewed, and the structure of the injection mold was unreasonable, which caused the injection mold to undergo multiple improvements after the test, which made the injection mold cost exceed the budget.
    If it can be solved after several improvements, it is relatively fortunate. There are many cases that are unsatisfactory, and even the injection molds have to be scrapped and reworked. This cost cannot be controlled.
    There are also cases where the design of the injection mold is good, but the processing of the injection mold is not in place, which makes the number of trial molds increase unreasonably, directly increasing the cost of the injection mold.
    There is no objection to this problem, so many injection mold manufacturers have increased their investment in measuring equipment.
  1. The best molding process and model of the injection molding machine were not selected during the mold test. Obviously, the injection mold is good enough but the molded parts was not ideal.
  1. There is not enough understanding of the material data of plastic, and even the shrinkage rate is no accurate. This happens from time to time. Therefore, before designing the injection mold, it is necessary to understand the material data of the plastic to effectively reduce the mold trial.

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