3D Printing ( SLA & SLS )

At KBTooling, we use the most advanced 3D printing technology, gratify all your rapid protoyping needs, our professional team is committed to research on high quality, low cost and fast prototype manufacturing.

What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing is the process of converting the real product or 3D files into another 3 dimentions models by computer scanning. It consumes less time which is effective for modifications to be made in the design and specifications of the product.

Laser Rapid Prototyping ( LPR ) is used the CAD, CAM, CNC, laser, precision servo drives and new materials etc advanced technology integration of a brand new manufacturing technology. Compared with the conventional manufacturing method comprising: a prototype reproducibility; high interchangeability; independent of process and manufacturing prototype geometry; shot processing cycle; low cost; general manufacturing costs by 50%; the processing cycle shortened by more than 70%; height technology integration, to achieve the integration of design and manufacturing.

SLA (Stereo lithography) can be a satisfactory accuracy, fast, processing ABS-based material, suitable for high precision, small and complex parts; with a clear internal structure and good assembly performance. SLA is suitable for a structure certification prototype.

SLS (Selective laser sintering) and SLA is very similar, except that the powdery raw materials to replace the liquid photopolymer, and to a certain scanning speed and energy applied to the powder material.