Now the plastic mold industry has higher and higher requirements for machine equipment and testing instruments! The price of CMM and other testing equipment is also increasing, which shows that the improvement of quality is the future development direction of the whole plastic mold industry. After more than 10 years of continuous exploration and learning, Shenzhen Mingyang Yutong technology has summed up that to ensure the quality of plastic mold products, it is also necessary to strictly control each link in the production process of plastic mold, so as to improve the overall quality of plastic mold. Specifically, we can control it from the following steps:

1. Classified management of product data, process data and drawing files

Effective classification management of product data management, process data management and drawing documents can ensure the completeness of data and documents and the consistency of drawing versions, so that drawings can be effectively shared and queried. It can establish a complete file and drawing management database, and sort and file the 2D and 3D design drawings accumulated by the design department according to the original and modified drawings.

2. Keep the consistency and integrity of mold drawings, processing technology and physical data

Through effective, meticulous and strict detection means, the consistency and integrity of die drawing, processing technology and physical data can be ensured.
3. Application of overall management

Plan, design, processing flow, workshop production status, human resource allocation and other information are effectively integrated for overall management, so as to effectively coordinate planning and production, and ensure mold quality and delivery time.

4. Develop a complete mold production management system

Develop a set of complete mold production management system, realize the information management system of product data, process data management, plan management and schedule management of mold production management process, including mold production plan formulation, mold design, process formulation, workshop task assignment and product inspection, warehouse management, etc., so as to make mold manufacturing and relevant auxiliary information from plan formulation to completion The delivery can realize all-round tracking management.

5. Establish quality inspection department control process

Strictly standardize the quality inspection process, eliminate the “almost” fluke mentality, and ensure the accuracy of each standard part processed by the mold. Effective control of mold quality.

6. Establish mold project management and control process

Set up the communication and supervision bridge between customers and all departments of the company, carry out detailed affairs and technical communication, fully understand the technical requirements of customers, record, summarize and accurately convey the communication content, avoid repeated mold test, modification and rework, and save cost and time. Gradually establish customer business and technical databases for each customer, and share them within the company, so as to improve customer service level and reduce unnecessary errors.

With the gradual saturation of the plastic mold market, hundreds of new technology start-ups have flooded into the plastic mold market, the market demand is smaller and smaller, and the functional requirements and personalized service requirements for products are higher and higher. In addition to technological innovation and breakthrough, the quality requirements for all aspects of products are more stringent. It also promotes the reform of the whole traditional manufacturing industry. As the mother of the industry, mold manufacturing faces both opportunities and challenges. Only by improving, introducing advanced equipment, and implementing a more perfect management system. In order to have a place in the competition.



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